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[ETNews] 3D Printer Start-up 'Gooo3D' Takes Many Orders by Targeting a…

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3D Printer Manufacturer Gooo3D plans to double its industrial output to satisfy many orders of G Printer Jewelry, thanks to the differentiated technology and appropriate business strategy of targeting a niche market.

On 16th July 2017, it is reported that Gooo3D extended its manufacturing facilities to increase a production capacity. In fact, Gooo3D doubles its annual production quota as the sales volume, recently, reaches about 60 units, the total sales volume in 2016. 2017 annual sales volume is expected to reach 150 units, approximatively.

In May 2017, Gooo3D developed G Printer Jewelry focusing on Jewelry manufacturing with its precise resolution. Its X/Y resolution is 62.5 microns (More precise that G Printer, which has 100 microns resolution) so that a user is able to print very accurate jewelry parts such as a ring and a pendant.

The reason why Gooo3D extends the manufacturing facilities is to satisfy the increased demands from Jewelry manufacturers. About 10 companies already have reserved this new 3D printer and they are waiting for September 2017, the launching day of G Printer Jewelry. Paul Kim, the president of Gooo3D, stated that "I decided to launch it in this September to improve an efficiency of this product. As we already have so many orders, we moved our office and extended the production facilities."

The increased demand is caused by Gooo3D's appropriate business strategy, which targets the niche market called Jewelry industry. Gooo3D had targeted on dental industries and prototyping, so called 'the red ocean'. However, jewelry and accessory manufacturing industries are considered as the blue ocean of 3D printer and that is why start-up companies including Gooo3D are able to operate their differentiated business strategies.

Furthermore, The technology of Gooo3D is also the reason of this increased demand. Gooo3D has UV DLP technology and it increases the intensity of UV light to cure a material more faster, which means that printing time is remarkably faster and a user is able to skip post-curing process.

Paul Kim said that "we will establish a new market with this new DLP 3D Printer focusing on jewelry manufacturing. Now we plan to concentrate on a distribution not only in Korea but also the overseas countries to target the worldwide 3D printer market.


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