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G Printer, Gooo3D's UV DLP 3D printer can function without a PC or net…

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Many makers out there will have endured the frustration of a shaky network connection, or of having to disconnect a computer half-way through a lengthy 3D print. To eradicate these problems, a number of routes could be taken. Makers could invest in a more secure and speedy network, or they could purchase a separate computer for dedicated 3D printing use. But perhaps the simplest solution to both of these problems is to simply use a 3D printer which can run independently of both PC and network. Korean 3D printing company Gooo3D has just unveiled its “G Printer” UV DLP 3D printer, which has that exact capability: direct 3D printing without a computer or network. Created specifically for home and small business use, the G Printer is the subject of a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, which has already raised over $9,000.

Whilst the Gooo3D team are selling the independence of the G Printer as its most valuable asset, the 3D printer appears to check out in other technical respects too. Gooo3D has attempted to create a DLP 3D printer which evades the usual problems associated with those machines. The uneven light distribution and resulting print unevenness of some DLP engines has been combatted with the installation of an engine which is able to produce a much more uniform UV beam. The company claims that its 100% UV engine allows for much greater precision, especially on smooth surfaces and straight lines. In technical terms: the printer’s UV beam radiates only on the wavelength of 405 nanometers—the violet part of the spectrum. This impressive focus results in a noticeably precise print, and also has other beneficial knock-on effects, such a reduced heat and noise, and a longer machine life. The company predicts a 10,000hr lifespan for its G Printer, potentially three times longer than generic printers.

To ease the worries of those who remain sceptical of young businesses and their fledgling products, Gooo3D have incorporated support software from established 3D printing giant Materialise into the G Printer. The Materialise software automatically places supports in the most appropriate areas, so the resin-printed product does not risk losing its structure during the printing process.

The potential structural weakness of resin-printed objects is generally seen as a minor problem, as it is offset by the extraordinary resolution afforded by resin printing compared to plastic 3D printing. The G Printer is reportedly capable of 3D printing in extremely fine detail, thanks to its 100% UV engine. The 3D printer is capable of printing at a 100 Micron degree of precision along the X / Y axes, and up to 25 Microns on the Z axis. This degree of precision is equivalent to the lower quality setting of a Formlabs Form1 printer—not a bad comparison to have made. The machine can also print at speeds of up to 2.36” (60mm) per hour.

The G Printer’s ability to function as a standalone device should automatically reduce the amount of technical clutter on your workstation, but the device itself is also impressively compact. Despite its small size, the printer boasts a max print size of 5.1x3.1x5.5”.

Gooo3D have set a $100,000 flexible goal for their Indiegogo campaign, meaning that customers will receive their orders whether that target is reached or not. The G Printer can be bought via the Indiegogo page at an Early Bird price of $4,500. This package comes with 500g of the company’s own special resin for use in the 3D printer, and can be expected in April 2016. “We are makers, and we are focused on making high quality DLP 3D printers for people like us,” said Paul Kim, CEO.




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